Life is simpler on the back roads

Life on the back roads is not always simpler. Maybe how we deal with things are just different.


16 years ago at the age of 32 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. That diagnoses turned my life upside down.  The first year of adjustment to a disease that is so unpredictable as ms was a tough one. My marriage ended, my dreams were gone. Crushed into the earth that I stood on. But today although I do have bad days, I try to avoid the pity parties. I’m still mobile. I still try to get out there and do the things I love.  Photography and horses have always been my passion. Though I can’t jump on a horse and go full tilt after a a cow, I still can can go for a quiet ride down a back road. Multiple Sclerosis has slowed me down but it  gives me the chance to  smell the roses. Notice things I never did before. It has made me grateful for a lot of things that people take for granted. MS might be a life sentence but it’s not a death sentence.Image

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3 Responses to Life is simpler on the back roads

  1. moxiesupper says:

    Turns out that I’ve had MS for most of my adult life; fortunately, I’m still mobile, and, like you, I’m also slower, but still able to accomplish things, still able to participate in life…. My MS was dormant for about 13 years, then asserted itself with a vengeance! –“optic neuritis” still controls my left eye, as it’s done for going on three years…. I wholeheartedly agree: NOT A DEATH SENTENCE! Experienced my first symptoms when I was a grad student (around 1983) in New Hampshire, then that extended dormancy….. When the disease “re-emerged” and was, finally, diagnosed –when there were “effective” treatments, it was 1996, and I was (as I still am) a professor at the University of Michigan –began with “Avonex”, on “Rebif” now…. Hate injections, but, as I see it, “Rebif” is keeping me alive….. Good luck to you! –hope that those roses smell delightful, always….

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